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KC: A City of Opportunity w/ Laura Steele & Michael Kelley from BikeWalkKC

Kansas City, Missouri is really not anybody's shortlist of most walkable and bike-friendly cities in North America, but as you'll learn from Laura and Michael the opportunities abound as BikeWalkKC, the City, and the surrounding communities strive to transform into a healthier, more vibrant, and people-oriented region.

A Big Jump for Bikes in the Big Easy w/ Dan Favre & Jennifer Ruley

In this episode, we head down to New Orleans for a bike network progress update from Jennifer, who works with the city, and Dan, who leads Bike Easy. The NOLA story is most definitely one of perseverance, collaboration, and commitment to transformation.

Inspired by Cities w/ Zach Vanderkooy

John is joined this week by a bicycle advocacy study tour organizer extraordinaire, Zach Vanderkooy with Inspired by Cities, a Boulder, Colorado-based firm specializing in experiential learning through group travel.

A Bicycle Policy Briefing w/ Ken McLeod

In this episode, John connects with Ken McLeod, Policy Director at the League of American Bicyclists for an in-depth discussion about the current federal, state, and local active mobility policy landscape in the United States.

Cycling in Paris: Past & Present w/ Mark Cramer

In this special mid-week episode, John connects long-distance with Mark Cramer, who is an American living in the Paris, France area. Mark is also the author of the book Old Man on a Green Bike: Chronicles of a Self-Serving Environmentalist and they talk about how to encourage more people of all ages to ride more often.

Active Mobility Momentum is Building in Memphis w/ Nicholas Oyler

In this episode, John and Nick, who is the Bikeway & Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Memphis, TN, discuss the big strides that the city has made in building out its high comfort bike network over the past 10 years and the role that tactical urbanism is playing in advancing the effort to create safer streets.

Ignite Your Life w/ Fireman Rob

In this special bonus episode, an Activity Ambassador profile, John interviews Rob Verhelst from Madison, Wisconsin, who is also known as Fireman Rob.

Promoting Biking & Walking in Provo w/ Austin Taylor

College towns tend to have higher rates of people walking and biking than the typical city with no university and Provo, Utah, which is home to the main campus of BYU is no exception. In this episode, John checks in with the newly appointed Executive Director of BikeWalk Provo, Austin Taylor.

Magic Hand of the Bike in Dutch Transit Success w/ Roland Kager

Join us for a fascinating conversation with the Bike Train Guru of The Netherlands, Roland Kager with the consulting firm Studio Bereikbaar

Fight for Our Lives w/ Doug Gordon

In this episode, we head back to NYC to catch up with Doug "Mr. BrooklynSpoke" Gordon, one of three co-hosts of The War on Cars Podcast, for a conversation about the battle to create safer streets and more livable communities for everyone.

Deep Freeze in the Heart of Texas

In this shortie, John checks in after finally getting power, heat, and internet service restored after the big winter storm of 2021 thumped Austin big time.

Shifting Lanes to Support Activity w/ Ryan Hale

Northwest Arkansas has transformed itself into a Mountain Biking destination and in the process stimulated their economy and a culture of activity. In this week's episode, we talk about this amazing development with Ryan Hale, founder of Laneshift, a consulting firm in Bentonville focussed on helping other communities become more bicycle-friendly places.

Safer Streets Research w/ Wes Marshall

University of Colorado Denver Professor Dr. Wes Marshall joins John for a fun and fascinating discussion about some of his safer streets research that he and his students have conducted over the past decade.

A Plain Bike Revolution w/ Erin Riediger

In this episode, John and Erin dive deep into the details of how and why there's a surprising Dutch bike culture bomb exploding in the prairie city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Restorative Natural Areas w/ Katherine Howard & Jo Fitzgibbons

In this episode, we head back up to the province of British Columbia, Canada for a conversation about Restorative Natural Areas with Vancouver-based Katherine Howard and Jo Fitzgibbons

Becoming Streetsmart w/ Kelly Rodgers

In this episode, John has a fascinating conversation with Kelly Rodgers, a PhD doctoral candidate in Urban Studies at Portland State University and the founder of the non-profit evidence-based resource platform, Streetsmart.

Electric Assist Cycles w/ Darnel Harris & Jamie Stuckless

For our first episode of a new year and new season, we head up to Ontario, Canada for a discussion about policies associated e-assist bikes and an innovative cargo-bike library.

Season One Wrap-Up, Good Bye 2020!

On this, the final day of the crazy year that was 2020, John Simmerman, Host of the Active Towns Podcast and Founder of the Active Towns Initiative looks back and reflects on the 52 episodes in Season One, giving thanks to our guests and you, our listeners.

Taking Action w/ Jonathan Fertig (video)

When it comes to unsafe street conditions, Jonathan Fertig is no stranger to the world of tactical urbanism, he is compelled to do something to make the situation safer for everyone. In this episode, John and Jonathan chat about his activities in Boston and in his new home of Denver.

How We Get Around w/ Andy Boenau

Veteran podcaster Andy Boenau from Richmond, VA and John discuss the power of storytelling and persuasion when it comes to transforming our built environments.

America Walks w/ Mike McGinn

In this episode, our 50th! Yeeha! We welcome Mr. Michael McGinn into our virtual studios. Mike is a former mayor of Seattle, WA and the new Executive Director of America Walks. John and Mike have a wide-ranging conversation about creating cities for people. Enjoy!

Talking Fietsstraats or Bicycle Streets w/ Matt Pinder & Justin Jones

Matt Pinder and Justin Jones join John in this episode for a detailed discussion about the ubiquitous Dutch Fietsstraats or Bicycle Priority Streets and how North American cities can best implement these innovative facilities.

Rolling Down Santa Barbara's Car-Free Main Street w/ Frank Peters

In this episode, John catches up with bicycle and clean air advocate extraordinaire Frank Peters of Santa Barbara, CA. The primary topic is the city's transformation of State Street, its iconic downtown main street, into a car-free zone because of the devastating impacts from Covid-19.

Human-Scaled Accessibility w/ Meredith Glaser

In this episode, John is joined by Meredith Glaser, a Ph.D. doctoral candidate within the University of Amsterdam's Urban Cycling Institute, for a discussion about living in The Netherlands as an ex-pat from California, accelerating reform to support human-scaled accessibility, and developing an understanding about the transfer of knowledge from study tours.

Up For Anything w/ Pam LeBlanc (video)

In this episode, John catches up with Pam LeBlanc, a free-lance writer based in Austin, TX who is constantly creating content about adventure, fitness, and travel. In addition to chatting about some of her recent and upcoming explorations, they talk about her recently published book. NOTE: Video episode available.

Reclaiming the Right of Way w/ Angie Schmitt

In this episode, we dive deep into details of a devastating trend over the past decade where we have seen a dramatic increase in the number and rate of pedestrian fatalities on our roadways.

Bikepacking w/ Ryan Van Duzer (also available in video)

Boom! Here it is folks, our first repeat podcast guest, and our first episode that also features a video version. See show notes for that link.

Parking Reforms w/ Donald Shoup

In this episode, John has a fascinating conversation with Donald Shoup, a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at UCLA about how strategic parking policy reforms can help create healthy, vibrant communities.

The Joy of Riding Again w/ Lennard Zinn

In this episode, we have a wide-ranging discussion with Lennard Zinn, former elite-level bike racer, journalist, author, and custom bike builder.

A Wish For Wheels w/ Brad Appel

For the past 16 years the Wish For Wheels non-profit based in Denver, CO has been connecting second-graders in title 1 schools in underserved communities across the country with the joy that a new bicycle brings. A few weeks ago John had the honor of interviewing Brad Appel, the founder and executive director of this amazing initiative.

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