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Celebrating 1,000+ Streetfilms w/ Clarence Eckerson, Jr.

In this, our 100th episode, we are delighted welcome a very special guest, Clarence Eckerson Director of Streetfilms for a discussion about reaching the milestone of 1,000 plus videos promoting more walkable, bicycle-oriented, and transit friendly communities from around the world.

Bike More, Worry Less w/ Arleigh Greenwald aka Bike Shop Girl

Empowering Daily Life by Bike is Arleigh's mission for her content creation persona of Bike Shop Girl and is consistent with her role as Product Marketing Manager for Tern Bicycles, while Move for Tomorrow is her personal mantra as she strives to achieve a sense of life balance and wellness as a busy mom of two, spouse, active living advocate, and marketing professional.

The Transformative Indy Cultural Trail w/ Sarah Frey

In this week's episode, John re-connects with Sarah Frey, Development and Marketing Director with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick for an in-depth conversation about the Trail and the impact it has had on the health and vitality of the city and its residents.

Moving from Pilots to Permanence w/ Mike Lydon of Street Plans

In this episode, John re-connects with Mike for an 18-month update from our last episode in the early days of the pandemic. They discuss some of the amazing street transformations underway around the globe including in NYC with projects such as the Little Prince Plaza.

Starting with the Green Parts w/ Victor Dover

In this episode, we welcome back Victor Dover of South Miami's Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning for an in-depth discussion about why starting with the green parts, the parks, greenways, open spaces, wilderness, and even street trees when planning our communities is critical. We also talk about the importance of getting our streets designed right and how that can help more people feel more comfortable while walking and riding a bike.

Demystifying Edge Lane Road Bike Facilities w/ Michael Williams

In this episode, John speaks with Michael Williams about Edge Lane Roads, also commonly referred to by some people as Bicycle Advisory Lanes - a name you'll soon learn Michael doesn't particularly prefer. The type of bicycle infrastructure is quite common in The Netherlands and in Denmark and when done well in the proper context can serve as a critical part of an "All Ages & Abilities" network.

Active People, Healthy Nation w/ CDC Branch Chief, Ken Rose

In this episode, John has the honor of speaking with Ken Rose, Chief of the Physical Activity and Health Branch, within Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the Active People, Healthy Nation Initiative which was launched in early 2020. They also discuss some of the underlying challenges and barriers making physical activity difficult for far too many people, such as lack of access to activity assets like parks and trails and limited safe and inviting active mobility choices.

All Ages, Abilities, and Identities w/ Cara Seiderman

In this episode, John reconnects with Cara Seiderman, Transportation Program Manager with the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts to get an update on the newly revised bike plan and discuss some of the exciting developments currently underway to create safe and inviting active mobility environments for all ages, abilities, and identities.

A 10 Minute Walk w/ Bianca Shulaker

In this episode, John connects with Bianca Shulaker, Associate Director of National Programs at The Trust for Public Land, for a discussion about their Park Score Index, the 10-Minute Walk Campaign, and the exciting opportunity to leverage qualitative data to meet the needs of the community.

Connecting to Meaningful Destinations w/ Jeffrey Bagg

In this episode, John connects with Jeff Bagg the City Planner for Easthampton, MA. They discuss how this historic mill town is striving to connect people to meaningful destinations by leveraging their beloved Manhan Rail Trail while expanding its connectivity and reach through new infrastructure, creative installations, and traffic calming measures.

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer w/ Chuck Marohn

In this episode, John reconnects with Charles Marohn, Founder of Strong Towns and author of the new book Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town. They discuss the compelling need to reform both our transportation systems and how those systems are planned and designed.

The Cognitive Impacts of Design w/ Ann Sussman

In this episode, John connects with Ann Sussman, co-author along with Justin B Hollander, of the intriguing book Cognitive Architecture: Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment. They discuss how we can shape behavior in a positive by understanding a few key concepts related to our psychology, genetics, and how we evolved.

Upzone the City w/ Abby Kinney

In this episode, John connects with Abby Kinney, a Kansas City-based Urban Designer with Gould Evans and the host of the Strong Towns Upzoned Podcast for a conversation about KC, the unique structure of the podcast, and some critical new protected cycling infrastructure that has opened up the city for her and some many others.

Riding in Houston Gets a Boost w/ Doogie Roux

In this episode, John connects with Doogie Roux, a micro-mobility consultant, brand ambassador, and bicycle advocate based in Houston, Texas. They discuss a couple of truly innovative projects he's involved with that leverages electric assist bike technology to encourage more people to ride more often.

Studying Activity and the Built Environment w/ Professor Jennifer Roberts

In this episode, John connects with Dr. Jen Roberts, an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, in the Department of Kinesiology, within the School of Public Health for a detailed discussion about her work and study at the intersection of health and the built environment.

Reflections On Our Urban Experience w/ Robin Mazumder

In this episode, John connects with cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Robin Mazumder, Ph.D. for a discussion about how we as humans respond to our built environments and how we make that experience pleasurable and equitable.

Providence in Active Mobility w/ Martina Haggerty

In this episode, John connects with Martina Haggerty, Director of Special Projects in the Planning Department for the City of Providence Rhode Island for a discussion about the status of the city's active mobility initiatives including the completion of a major signature project the Van Leesten Memorial Bridge built upon the footings of the relocated Interstate 195.

Fewer Vehicles, Not Just EVs w/ RMI's Ben Holland

In this week’s episode, we feature a conversation with Benjamin Holland, Senior Associate with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) about why we need fewer motor vehicles, not just electric vehicles, and the inherent fragility of car-centric cities.

Not Just Bikes w/ Jason Slaughter

In this week's episode, John catches up with Jason Slaughter the creator of the incredibly popular Not Just Bikes YouTube Channel. He shares what led him to become interested in urbanism and active mobility, how he and his family came to live in Amsterdam, and why he decided to launch the channel.

Welcome to the Future of Slow Cities w/ Paul Tranter

In this episode, we head down under, for a chat with Professor Paul Tranter about we why all need to just slow down a bit.

MOTHERLOAD: Kid tested. Planet approved. w/ Liz Canning

In this episode, John connects with documentary filmmaker Liz Canning for a candid conversation about MOTHERLOAD a movie and a movement.

The Compelling Why for Low-Car Cities w/ Melissa & Chris Bruntlett

In this week's episode, John catches up with the Bruntletts "on the eve" of the release of their much anticipated second book, Curbing Traffic - The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives. It's a long one as they were gracious enough to provide a brief overview of each of the ten main chapters in the book. Enjoy!

Livable Streets 2.0 w/ Bruce Appleyard

In this extended episode, John has a detailed conversation with Professor Bruce Appleyard author of Livable Streets 2.0, a fabulous tribute to his late father, Donald Appleyard, and his classic urbanism text Livable Streets.

Redefining SLC's Wide Open Street-Spaces w/ Jon Larsen, Transportation Division Director

Salt Lake City's historic grid features massively wide streets and incredibly long blocks, but its origin isn't rooted in car-centric design, rather it was a practical solution to freight logistics - the ability to do a u-turn with a team of oxen or horses driving a cart or carriage. Since 2017 Jon Larsen and his team have been striving to reimagine what this space can be and who it serves with the systematic, incremental installation of safer, more inviting "All Ages & Abilities" active mobility infrastructure.

Exploring Pocket Neighborhoods w/ Ross Chapin

In this week's episode, John catches up with Ross Chapin, Architect, community advocate, and author of the class best-selling book Pocket Neighborhoods: Creating Small-Scale Community in a Large-Scale World.

A FUNctional Ride w/ Brandon Lust aka @AmericanFietser

In this episode, John connects with Brandon Lust also known as @AmericanFietser on Twitter for a conversation about how a pickup truck-driving guy from rural Illinois became an advocate for Dutch cycling, safer streets, and electric-assist cargo bikes.

Rolling into Resilience w/ Professor Billy Fields

In this week's episode, John connects with Dr. Billy Fields, Associate Professor of Political Science at Texas State University. The discussion addresses the freedom that comes from mobility choice, the progress being made in San Marcos, and the annual study abroad program he leads to The Netherlands. We also talk about his newly released book, Adaptation Urbanism and Resilient Communities: Transforming Streets to Address Climate Change published by Routledge.

Ride Every Street w/ David Nuttall

In this episode, John interviews Huntsville, Alabama-based cartographer and artist David Nuttall about his recent adventure riding every street in his sprawling, hilly city and the profound things he learned about the place he's called home for the past several decades and about himself.

Engaging the Community w/ Ghisallo's Briana Cohen

Briana serves as the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative's Austin Lead and Community Educator. John and Briana discuss the many engaging activation programs and services this beloved non-profit is providing within the Austin and San Antonio communities. She also serves on the Bicycle Advisory Council for the City of Austin.

Accelerating Austin Active Mobility w/ Council Member Paige Ellis

In this episode, John welcomes Austin's District 8, City Council Member, Paige Ellis onto the Podcast. They talk about her biggest learnings from a 2019 PeopleForBikes study tour to The Netherlands, some recent infrastructure improvements in the city, a game-changing mobility bond she co-sponsored which passed overwhelmingly in the November election, as well as the Interstate 35 expansion challenge.

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