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Engaging with Data feat. David Wasserman & Samuel Zneimer (video available)

Evaluating and communicating potential active transportation projects has always been a big challenge and in this episode, I talk with two data, GIS, and planning experts, David Wasserman and Samuel Zneimer with Alta Planning + Design about the innovative steps they are taking leverage data for more effective project delivery.

Be Courageous for Quick Results w/ Lior Steinberg (video available)

In this episode, I reconnect with Rotterdam-based Lior Steinberg, co-founder of Humankind and author of the delightful children's book The Car That Wanted To Be A Bike. Lior shares how the idea for the book came to him and we talk about some encouragingly fast transformations he has been involved with.

London: A City for All Ages & Abilities w/ Will Norman (video available)

In this episode, I connect with Will Norman London's Walking & Cycling Commissioner under Mayor Sadik Kahn for a conversation about the advances the city has been able to make and where they are headed.

Delivered By Bike w/ Dave Edwards, COO of nrbi.co (video available)

In this episode, I connect with Dave Edwards in Toronto, Canada for a discussion about his journey from an occasional recreational cyclist to a passionate advocate for everyday utilitarian riding and an executive with an electric cargo bike delivery company.

Walkable City Updates w/ Jeff Speck (video available)

In this episode, I connect with Jeff Speck author of Walkable City and Walkable City Rules for a conversation talk about some important reflections, learnings, and updates featured in a new 10th anniversary version of Walkable City which will be out soon

Promoting Cycling Worldwide w/ Jill Warren, ECF, CEO (video available)

In this episode, I chat with Jill Warren the CEO of the European Cyclists' Federation about two international events coming up in June, her personal journey to her role, and how the organization is promoting cycling of all kinds throughout Europe and beyond.

A Parent's Journey to Safer Streets Advocacy w/ Tom Flood (video available)

Tom Flood, as known as "tomflood1" on Twitter, shares his story of transformation from advertising and marketing for the automobile industry to becoming a parent who is now keenly aware of just how hostile our streets are, especially for our youngest and oldest community members.

Streets For People w/ Kathryn King, NZ Urban Mobility Mgr (video available)

In this episode, I connect with Kathryn King, Urban Mobility Manager of New Zealand's Transport Agency for a discussion about the progress the country is making and the plans ahead for creating more streets for people to address the significant challenges we are facing globally.

Propel Forward w/ Chris Nolte (video available)

Propel is a bi-coastal electric bike shop and a growing YouTube channel, led by Chris Nolte, an entrepreneur with a passion to help get more people riding more often by providing practical solutions and entertaining educational videos.

Master's of Cycling w/ Dr. Meredith Glaser (video available)

In this episode, I am delighted to reconnect with Meredith Glaser, Director of the University of Amsterdam's Urban Cycling Institute for a brief discussion about life as a parent and ex-pat in The Netherlands, freedom of mobility for children there, her recent dissertation defense/research, and we end with some exciting new education opportunities being developed at the University and Institute, including a Master's of Cycling joint program with two other universities

Oslo: First Impressions w/ Professor Daniel Piatkowski (video available)

Professor Piatkowski recently moved his family from Lincoln, Nebraska to Oslo, Norway to help launch a new graduate program in Smart Mobility and Urban Analysis at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), so I wanted to get his first impressions of his new home, how the family is adjusting, and better understand why they decided on Norway.

A View of Vélo Québec w/ Jean-François Rheault (video available)

Jean-François Rheault, Président-directeur général at Vélo Québec, joins me for a deep dive into all the amazing programs, events, initiatives, and services provided by this versatile organization.

Return of American Fietser aka Brandon Lust (video available)

In this episode, I reconnect with Brandon for a chat about his new home, Carmel, Indiana a location famously known as the roundabout city in North America. We discuss the amazing transformation of the Monon Trail into Monon Boulevard and the establishment of a new city center.

Oonee: The Future of Bike Parking w/ Shabazz Stuart (video available)

In this episode, I am honored to have Shabazz Stuart on to tell us all about Oonee: A innovative secure, and equitable bike solution for cities. Brown in Brooklyn and about to go global.

The Bicycle Dutch Journey w/ Mark Wagenbuur (video available)

In this episode, I reconnect with Mark Wagenbuur the creative genius behind the BicycleDutch YouTube Channel and blog. Mark has a unique perspective on the transformation of The Netherlands into the most bicycle-friendly country in the world because he has lived through and documented these changes over time.

E-Cargo Bike Empowerment w/ Tatiana Sales Lust (video available)

From not knowing how to ride to now riding all the time, Tatiana's story is truly inspiring. We talk about what it was like to learn how to ride a bike as an adult, how e-assist has given her confidence to ride more, and how game-changing it is to have access to a network of safe facilities as well as an e-cargo bike to haul real stuff on a daily basis.

Hiding in Plain Sight w/ Jason Slaughter of Not Just Bikes (video available)

In this episode, I welcome back Jason Slaughter the creative genius behind the fantastic Not Just Bikes YouTube Channel for deep dive into understanding the "hidden secret" behind the success of the Dutch mobility networks.

Reclaiming Public Space w/ Scott Epstein (video available)

@ScottForLA considers public space to be the bedrock of democracy, which makes it even more of an imperative that we reclaim it from the automobile. And I have to say I totally agree. Scott is a dedicated urbanist fighting for more housing and an advocate for safer streets and active mobility infrastructure who also happens to be a candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 5.

Designing Healthy Communities w/ Dr. Dick Jackson (video available)

I'm honored to welcome Dr. Richard J (Dick) Jackson to the podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about designing healthy communities, the urgency of addressing the climate emergency, especially in the medical industry, and what has him optimistic for the future.

All Aboard the Bike Train (video available)

This week I chat with Megan Ramey a mom and safer street advocate in Hood River, OR about what it takes to make a difference on the street at a community level.

Returning the Streets to Kids w/ Tim Gill (video available)

In the book, Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities Tim Gill proposes this radical yet simple planning and design concept and we discuss why this needs to happen and how to go about doing it.

Autonorama: Do We Really Want High-Tech Car Dependency? (video available)

Join me as I welcome Peter Norton back to the Pod for a conversation about his new book Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving and what we, as a society, really want our future to look like.

Getting the Details Right w/ Lennart Nout (video available)

Dutch Mobility Network Design: Lennart Nout with Mobycon likes to say the "Devil is in the Details" when it comes to creating "All Ages & Abilities" active mobility networks that not only encourage users to walk, cycle, and take transit more often but also to prompt motor vehicle drivers to drive slower with patience and attentiveness.

A Sense of Urgency in Planning w/ Dale Bracewell (video)

The city of Vancouver, BC is moving quickly to implement their Climate Emergency Action Plan and their Transportation Planning Manager, Dale Bracewell discusses with John how an "All Ages & Abilities" active mobility network, school streets, and other TDM programs, as well as pricing access to the city core all, play a critical role.

Talking About A Safe Systems Approach w/ Sarah Abel (video)

Traveling to meaningful destinations should not be a dangerous activity where you risk serious injury or worse, however increasingly our streets are becoming less safe especially for anyone, not in a large motor vehicle and it doesn't have to be this way. Sarah shares some information about the Safe Systems Approach being adopted by the United States.

Florida to Delft: Ditching Car Dependency w/ Dr. Natalia Barbour (video)

In this episode, John returns (virtually) to Delft in The Netherlands to connect with Natalia Barbour, Assistant Professor in transport and energy at TU Delft. They have a wide-ranging discussion about her background and work, what it was like to make the move from Florida to The Netherlands, and how she and the family are adjusting to basically a car-free lifestyle after previously being car-dependent. Available in video format!

Celebrating 1,000+ Streetfilms w/ Clarence Eckerson, Jr. (video)

In this, our 100th episode, we are delighted welcome a very special guest, Clarence Eckerson Director of Streetfilms for a discussion about reaching the milestone of 1,000 plus videos promoting more walkable, bicycle-oriented, and transit friendly communities from around the world.

Bike More, Worry Less w/ Arleigh Greenwald aka Bike Shop Girl (video)

Empowering Daily Life by Bike is Arleigh's mission for her content creation persona of Bike Shop Girl and is consistent with her role as Product Marketing Manager for Tern Bicycles, while Move for Tomorrow is her personal mantra as she strives to achieve a sense of life balance and wellness as a busy mom of two, spouse, active living advocate, and marketing professional.

The Transformative Indy Cultural Trail w/ Sarah Frey

In this week's episode, John re-connects with Sarah Frey, Development and Marketing Director with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick for an in-depth conversation about the Trail and the impact it has had on the health and vitality of the city and its residents.

Moving from Pilots to Permanence w/ Mike Lydon of Street Plans (video)

In this episode, John re-connects with Mike for an 18-month update from our last episode in the early days of the pandemic. They discuss some of the amazing street transformations underway around the globe including in NYC with projects such as the Little Prince Plaza.

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