A Big Jump for Bikes in the Big Easy w/ Dan Favre & Jennifer Ruley

In this episode, we head down to New Orleans for a bike network progress update from Jennifer, who works with the city, and Dan, who leads Bike Easy. The NOLA story is most definitely one of perseverance, collaboration, and commitment to transformation.

Show Notes:

The city of New Orleans was one of ten cities chosen to participate in the Big Jump Project by the PeopleForBikes Foundation's Local Innovations initiative in an attempt to help accelerate the buildout of a high comfort cycle network.

Jennifer Ruley is the Mobility & Safety Lead Engineer for the City of New Orleans (Moving New Orleans) and Dan Favre is the Executive Director of Bike Easy.

The story is truly fascinating in the sense that NOLA has such a strong culture of the community members taking over its streets and many are surprised at just how many people routinely ride even though there has been a severe shortage of safe facilities. Said another way, they already have strong ridership, not they need safer places, a network if you will, to ride.

And of course, because it is the Big Easy, fun is a big part of the movement.

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