Accelerating Austin Active Mobility w/ Council Member Paige Ellis

In this episode, John welcomes Austin's District 8, City Council Member, Paige Ellis onto the Podcast. They talk about her biggest learnings from a 2019 PeopleForBikes study tour to The Netherlands, some recent infrastructure improvements in the city, a game-changing mobility bond she co-sponsored which passed overwhelmingly in the November election, as well as the Interstate 35 expansion challenge.

Show Notes:

In the past three episodes in a row now we've explored the theme that transforming our cities into safer, more inviting places that support and promote a culture of activity is hard work that requires strong leadership and competence at all levels.

Council Member Paige Ellis is a fabulous example of a passionate, caring city leader who looks for opportunities to learn from the experiences of other cities, exhibits courage in taking big bold actions for the collective good, and embraces the use of small incremental infrastructure tests, tactical urbanism if you will, to move with a sense of urgency while evaluating the benefits and feasibility of more permanent investments.

Austin, Texas is making huge strides in becoming a more walkable and bike-able city for "All Ages & Abilities" and the community's willingness to fund critical improvements bodes well for future generations.

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