Providence in Active Mobility w/ Martina Haggerty

In this episode, John connects with Martina Haggerty, Director of Special Projects in the Planning Department for the City of Providence Rhode Island for a discussion about the status of the city's active mobility initiatives including the completion of a major signature project the Van Leesten Memorial Bridge built upon the footings of the relocated Interstate 195.

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Providence, Rhode Island is one of our oldest cities in North America and one of the original 13 Colonies, but just like so many others post world war two they transformed their historic built form into an automobile-dependent environment which drained it of life and vitality. The good news is that they realized relatively early on where things went wrong and set out to fix the damage, bigging in the early '80s with the uncovering of the Providence River.

More recently they tore down and relocated I-195 and then reused the footings to create an amazing activity asset in the Van Leesten Memorial Bridge.

Martina Haggerty, Director of Special Projects in the Planning Department for the City of Providence Rhode Island talks about this development as well as many other transformations underway.

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