Active Mobility Momentum is Building in Memphis w/ Nicholas Oyler

In this episode, John and Nick, who is the Bikeway & Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Memphis, TN, discuss the big strides that the city has made in building out its high comfort bike network over the past 10 years and the role that tactical urbanism is playing in advancing the effort to create safer streets.

Show Notes:

The city of Memphis, Tennessee is most certainly not on the top of mind for most of us when it comes to a safe and inviting environment for walking and biking, but it has been on our radar here at Active Towns as being one of the early adopters of innovative unsanctioned tactical urbanism installations which have helped pave the way to massive improvements on the ground and building momentum in establishing a "Culture of Activity".

Nicholas "Nick" Oyler, Manager, Memphis Bikeway & Pedestrian Program and John talk about the exciting recent advances in the high-comfort cycle network and some of the challenges still facing the city. Nick also provides a bit of background as to how he got interested in this work. We cover a lot of ground in this interview and barely scratch the surface of the very encouraging developments currently underway in this fine city. Enjoy the episode and check out the links below.

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