Exploring Every Street w/ Janelle Naess

In this episode, we hear from one of our podcast listeners who just happens to have an inspiring story to tell about her 2020 New Year's resolution.

Show Notes:

Janelle Naess of Laguna Beach, CA had a wonderful idea for the new year, walk, and document every street in her hometown. She was already a passionate explorer of her beach city and had been profiling cool stuff to see in her blog LagunaBeachWalks.com and on her Instagram account, but she realized that she was kind of in a rut, walking many of the same streets over and over again. It was time to explore and then the novel coronavirus Covid19 struck. She shares how she handled the challenge and some of the surprises that emerged along the way.

Additional Fun and Helpful Links:

Her story in the local paper

The Promenade on Forest: Visit Laguna Beach Profile

The Promenade on Forest: City Page


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