Fewer Vehicles, Not Just EVs w/ RMI's Ben Holland

In this week’s episode, we feature a conversation with Benjamin Holland, Senior Associate with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) about why we need fewer motor vehicles, not just electric vehicles, and the inherent fragility of car-centric cities.

Show Notes:

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In order to combat climate change, we know that we must electrify the motor vehicle fleet (and other fossil fuel burning engines for that matter) as soon as possible but what we also need is far fewer motor vehicles on our roads (not to mention far fewer lane miles), especially in our cities.

John and Ben Holland, Senior Associate at RMI discuss these issues and the critical role that walkable urbanism, better land-use patterns, and active mobility networks appropriate for "All Ages & Abilities" play in our quest for sustainable, successful, equitable, and livable communities.

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