Magic Hand of the Bike in Dutch Transit Success w/ Roland Kager

Join us for a fascinating conversation with the Bike Train Guru of The Netherlands, Roland Kager with the consulting firm Studio Bereikbaar

Show Notes:

One of the very first things I noticed upon my initial visit to The Netherlands in 2015 was the seamless connection and synergistic coordination between the national transit system and the bicycle network, both of which we experienced every single day, usually multiple times each day. It wasn't until subsequent return trips that I realized how well thought out and studied this phenomenon actually is.

In 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting Roland Kager of Studio Bereikbaar while tagging along with a PeopleForBikes Study Tour. His presentation and analysis of the data that he's collected drove home just how these relationships are and the powerful potential that these hold for other cities around the world.

So we have your complimentary transit card ready for you, climb aboard, tune in and enjoy the ride.

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Dutch Cycling Embassy Knowledge Clip pdf on the Synergies Between Cycling, Public Transport, and Urban Planning 

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