Promoting Biking & Walking in Provo w/ Austin Taylor

College towns tend to have higher rates of people walking and biking than the typical city with no university and Provo, Utah, which is home to the main campus of BYU is no exception. In this episode, John checks in with the newly appointed Executive Director of BikeWalk Provo, Austin Taylor.

Show Notes:

Austin Taylor is one very busy guy. He works as a Transportation Planner focussing on Active Transportation and Transportation Demand Management, also known as TDM for the Park City Municipal Corporate in Park City, Utah and he’s the recently appointed volunteer Executive  Director of the non-profit BikeWalk Provo. In addition, he also serves as a board member for the Utah Chapter of CNU - The Congress for the New Urbanism.

In this episode, John and Austin discuss the current status of walking and biking in Provo as well as the progress the city has made and how the community is rallying to address their street safety challenges and concerns.

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