Run This World w/ Nicole DeBoom

In this episode, John catches up with Nicole, a former professional triathlete, Ironman Triathlon champion, founder of Skirt Sports and the non-profit Running Start, and host of the fabulous Run This World Podcast.

Show Notes:

Nicole DeBoom is truly a force of nature and she is clearly passionate about empowering people, especially women live the best lives possible.

As a former accomplished professional athlete in the sport of triathlon she knows what it takes to work hard to achieve one's goals, she took that drive and applied it to an entrepreneurial vision, athletic apparel that actually inspires and empowers women, and thus Skirt Sports was born.

She also launched a non-profit Running Start to help coach women through significant life barriers to healthier more active lives.

And three years ago she launched her wonderful Podcast Run This World - And here's the link to Her Podcast Patreon Page

Not surprisingly Nicole is an inspiring public speaker

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