Safer Streets Research w/ Wes Marshall

University of Colorado Denver Professor Dr. Wes Marshall joins John for a fun and fascinating discussion about some of his safer streets research that he and his students have conducted over the past decade.

Show Notes:

Wes Marshall, Ph.D. is a Professor of Civil Engineering and an affiliate faculty member in Planning and Design at the University of Colorado Denver. Wes focuses on transportation research and teaching dedicated to creating more sustainable, equitable, and resilient transportation systems, particularly in terms of road safety, active transportation, and transit. 

He has a vast body of work and we discuss several of his most notable studies that have gained attention over the past few years, including his 2019 research paper that highlighted enhanced safety of protected bikeways for all roadways users, not just people cycling.

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Links to the research papers we hit on:
Here are a few YouTube explainer videos made about Wes' research:
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