Seville's "Overnight" Bike Network Success w/ Manuel Calvo

In this episode, we hear from Manu Calvo of Seville, Spain about the extraordinary feat the city achieved in dropping down a nearly complete safe and inviting cycle network in just 18 months.

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While it's true, they don't garner the attention of a Copenhagen or Amsterdam, the historic city of Seville, Spain was poised to react, when the economic downturn of 2007 hit, so they mobilized and built a nearly complete "All Ages & Abilities" cycle network in just 18 months. In this episode, one of the "architects" and chief cheerleaders of this effort, Manu Calvo reflects on that experience and gives us an update on the current status and future plans.

This is story is particularly relevant to North American cities because cycling simply wasn't part of their culture prior to this initiative with incredibly low rates of people riding, mostly just a few recreational enthusiasts, however after the network was in place they saw a massive increase to approximately a 7% modal share, which then grew to 10%+ after additional expansions to the network were later built out. Now they are constrained by their capacity and need to widen many of the most popular routes especially immediately outside the city's ancient wall that protects is historic core.

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