Tactical Urbanism in a Pandemic w/ Mike Lydon

Talking tactical urbanism strategies for a pandemic era w/ Mike Lydon

In this episode, we check-in with Mike Lydon of Street Plans in Brooklyn, NY and discuss the on-the-ground impacts of the pandemic he's seeing in NYC and monitoring worldwide.

We cover and mention a lot of issues including:

Street Plans, The firm he founded along with Tony Garcia

Tactical Urbanism Book

Tactical Urbanism Guides

The recent CNU On the Park Bench Webinar video and presentation

COVID19 Livable Streets Response Strategies Spreadsheet

COVID-19 The Public Realm Photos

NYC Response to COVID-19

Streetsblog article about slowing traffic down and park strategies

Quiet Streets Massengale Op-Ed

Asphalt Art Guide

Bogata COVID-19 Bike Lanes Response

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