The Cognitive Impacts of Design w/ Ann Sussman

In this episode, John connects with Ann Sussman, co-author along with Justin B Hollander, of the intriguing book Cognitive Architecture: Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment. They discuss how we can shape behavior in a positive by understanding a few key concepts related to our psychology, genetics, and how we evolved.

Show Notes:

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The book Cognitive Architecture by Ann Sussman and Justin Hollander published by Routledge, now in its second edition, has helped refine what we know and understand about how we humans respond to our surroundings, from nature to the built environment, including building, streets, and public places. Thus we highly recommend it to anyone curious about or doing work in any field where you're hoping to influence human behavior.

A brief video on how you really know something is wrong with Modern Architecture…when you do biometric analyses contrasting it with traditional, is here

As mentioned, here’s the PDF from the OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation + Development) based out of Paris, which declared out time, the 21st-century the New AGE of BIOLOGY in 2012
A brief overview of the 2nd edition, and how it expanded from first is here
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