Wading into Walkability w/ Heyden Black Walker

Heyden reflects on walkability and livability factors in London, Paris, and Berlin with a little bit of The Netherlands thrown in for good measure.

In this episode, John has a delightful conversation with Heyden Black Walker, Director of Planning with Black + Vernooy Architecture and Urban Design in Austin, Texas about her reflections on walkability and people-oriented design in several European cities.

Heyden is an engaged advocate with a particular passion for safer more livable streets in Austin for “All Ages & Abilities” and is a driving force behind the Reconnect Austin movement. She is also a leader within the local chapter (CNU-CTX) of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Vision Zero ATX, and Walk Austin.

We touch upon so many different topics in this episode, but in reality, it all just comes down to livability and walkability at the street level… we’ll be sure to have Heyden back on the podcast soon to give an update about the Reconnect Austin vision which deals with fixing the devastating and dividing reality that is Interstate 35 which rips right through the heart of central Austin.

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