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Rebuild Restore Renew w/ Roshun Austin

Don't miss this special conversation with Roshun Austin from South Memphis about some of the inspiring work being done to help the community become healthier, more physically active, and engaged.

Streets for Everyone w/ Jill Locantore

In May John had the pleasure of speaking Jill Locantore, Executive Director of the Denver Streets Partnership about the progress the city is making to create safer, more inviting streets for everyone.

Startup CEO Reflections w/ Jennifer Baird

In this episode, we're joined by Jennifer Baird, a veteran Startup CEO and serial entrepreneur. Jen shares her strategies for bringing movement into her personal and professional lives and the benefits she'd documented over the years.

Cultivating Community w/ Kevin Shepherd

During these truly challenging times comes this hopeful and helpful conversation about what it takes to cultivate a healthy, both fiscally and physically, community.

Active Explorations w/ Holly Bennett

In this episode, Holly shares how a four-month-long bicycle trip changed her life trajectory and inspired a passion for movement

Following Footprints w/ Dom Nozzi & Maggie Waddoups

In this episode, John catches up with the Boulder-based Follow Our Footprints dynamic duo Dom Nozzi and Maggie Waddoups

A Walker In LA w/ Alissa Walker

In this episode, we go for a virtual stroll in Los Angeles with the amazing Alissa Walker with Curbed.

Why The Overhead Wire w/ Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood from San Francisco gives us a peek inside the Overhead Wire and Talking Headways Podcast

Inspiring Vibrancy w/ Amanda Popken

We're delighted to share with you this inspiring conversation with Amanda Popken from the Dallas area

Places People Love w/ Lynn Richards

In this episode, we welcome Lynn Richards, President & CEO of CNU (the Congress for the New Urbanism) a membership-based organization dedicated to building places people love.

Fighting Traffic w/ Peter Norton

In this episode, we talk with Peter Norton, author of Fighting Traffic about some of the parallels of the dawn of the motor age with our current pandemic and the push for more people-oriented space on our streets.

Composing a Compelling Narrative w/ Kea Wilson

In this episode, we catch up with Kea Wilson, Senior Editor with Streetsblog

It's All City Building w/ Mark Nickita

In this episode, we bring you a bit of city building banter with one of the best, Mark Nickita of Archive DS

Building Strong Towns w/ Chuck Marohn

Charles Marohn with Strong Towns shares the story behind the worldwide movement he launched and where we go from here. We discuss how and why Strong Towns is a bottom-up revolution to rebuilding American prosperity.

Tactical Urbanism in a Pandemic w/ Mike Lydon

Talking tactical urbanism strategies for a pandemic era w/ Mike Lydon

Going Dutch w/ Chris Bruntlett

Chris Bruntlett with the Dutch Cycling Embassy talks about making the move from Canada to Holland and how the family is adjusting.

Main Street Transformation w/ Victor Dover & Raphael Clemente

Talking through West Palm Beach's Clematis Street transformation with Victor Dover & Raphael Clemente

Updates from Bike Austin & Walk Austin

In this episode, we dive in deep on all things active mobility and safer streets with Chris Riley with Bike Austin and Adam Greenfield with Walk Austin

Rolling Forward with MoveATX w/ Jim Wick

In this episode, we are joined by Jim Wick, Lead Organizer with MOVEATX an advocacy organization dedicated to helping create a new mobility future for Austin, TX and the issues we discuss are most certainly relevant to many other cities in North America.

Getting Out There w/ Ryan Van Duzer

Inspiring people to get off their couches and explore this beautiful planet through his storytelling is Ryan van Duzer's passion

Ready to Ride w/ Mathias Ihlenfeld

Getting more kids on bikes more often is the driving passion behind Woom bikes.

Dream it, Plan it, GO FOR IT! w/ Katie Deolloz

Katie Deolloz shares an uplifting story about an activity program she was very passionate about creating, how she made it happen, and how it's going so far.

It Could Be Me w/ Triny Willerton

In this episode, Triny Willerton of #ItCouldBeMe shares her story of turning a tragic event into a national movement for safer streets for everyone

Reconnecting to Your Community w/ Darcy Kitching

Darcy Kitching of Boulder, Colorado joins John in a comprehensive conversation about her experiences leading community engagement activities.

Growing Old(er) w/ Preston Tyree

Preston Tyree of Austin's Mueller neighborhood talks about what it's like to live in a community that is quickly transforming into an "All Ages & Abilities" environment, adult tricycles, and so much more.

Wading into Walkability w/ Heyden Black Walker

Heyden reflects on walkability and livability factors in London, Paris, and Berlin with a little bit of The Netherlands thrown in for good measure.

Active Towns Podcast Intro

This is a very brief introduction to the Active Towns Initiative and this new podcast.

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